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Michelle Burroughs, CCMA

Michelle Burroughs has been in the medical field for almost 20 years. She has experience working in several different settings, from primary care to general surgery. In these years, she has served different organizations and helped hundreds of people improve their lives.

She is a multi-skilled health professional who has hands-on experience in clinical procedures in ambulatory healthcare settings. Being a CCMA, she has also dealt with administrative tasks. In her 20 years of experience, Michelle has supported surgeons, doctors, nurses, and other health experts in the facility. Her diverse experience has helped her to build phenomenal leadership skills.

Michelle graduated from Sussex Technical Adult Education in 2008 where she obtained her certifications in clinical medical assistant, phlebotomy, and EKG. These certifications have proved to be beneficial for her and our institution. Michelle has earned her Clinical Medical Assistant certification. She joined the staff of Atlantic Family Physicians in 2016 and continues to be a vital part of the group.

Though Michelle is CCMA in our organization, she loves to help patients in whatever way possible. She provides support to patients as much as she can. Michelle will readily take part in any opportunity to serve others even if it falls beyond the scope of her job responsibility.

Being cheerful and friendly, she finds it easy to impress patients and compel them to follow the doctor’s advice. Michelle also has an excellent relationship with her spouse, children, and grandchildren. On hot days, she also likes to unwind by gardening or swimming in the pool.