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Madison Apgar, LPN

Madison Apgar believes that patience and compassion is the best form of care. She has always loved to help people, and works to provide the best treatment to all patients. Madison is a highly devoted, empathetic, and a hard-working individual who wants to use all her strength and abilities to help others. Nursing was her goal since being a young girl, and when she finally got the opportunity, she made sure to serve the industry honestly.

Madison was enrolled at the University of Alabama in 2016. To improve her knowledge and skills, she transferred to Salisbury University in 2016. She graduated from Delaware Technical Community College in 2019 with an Associate of Science in nursing. Due to her extraordinary efforts and endless hard work, she got her LPN license after passing the NCLEX. She made it a point to learn as much as possible over her academic career to assist those suffering from acute or chronic medical ailments.

She joined Atlantic Family Physicians in March of 2022. She is the Quality Assurance Coordinator and LPN for the office. She ensures that patients get the best healthcare and support.

Madison knows the art of making patients feel comfortable and calm in her presence. She nurtures people and prepares them to undergo all levels of treatment in a holistic approach.   

Madison Apgar has been planning to improve her skills and expertise over time to stay updated with the new technologies and advancements in the medical field. This will help her excel in the industry and allow patients to get the best treatments. Madison is devoted to her professional life and focused not only on her professionl life but also her personal life. She has a loving husband, dog Wednesday, and her cats, Oreo, Thrash, and Violet. Madison is the biggest advocate of self-care for mental wellness, so she indulges in activities she enjoys, like window shopping at homegoods, listening to podcasts, and taking walks with her dog.