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Jillian Martin, CNA

Jillian Martin is a hardworking, passionate young woman. She deeply understands the pledge to maintain and restore patients’ health. She continuously works to improve her expertise and skills to support her patients in difficult times. She obtained certification as Certified Nursing Assistant in 2021 from Sussex Technical Adult Education. On top of that, Jillian has completed the training of comprehensive cognitive assessments in adults to expand her knowledge to help people. Jillian is the referral coordinatior and CNA at Atlantic Family Physicians.

Her devotion and compassion towards her clients is unlike any other. She treats others as she wants to be treated. Jillian loves her job therefore, she does more for people than her job description requires. She focuses on fulfilling her responsibilities, but she also ensures to provide a caring and comfortable environment to patients.

Jillian has years of  experience in handling authorizations task for radiology procedures that the provider needs before initiating the procedure. She has years of experience working in the medical field ranging from primary care to orthopedic. She started working for Atlantic Family Physicians in 2020, and since then has grown to be a significant member of our team. Jillian came with several essential and demanding skills including her background wtith diabetes. She is knowledgeable about complex patient care duties and medical procedures.

Jillian never ceases to go above and beyond to meet our patients needs. She is also a champion in building deep relationships with patients. This quality has helped us to build trust among our patients and to help them in the best possible way. Her caring and loving personality make our patients understand their health condition easily and help them believe our decisions for their health, eventually leading to success in medical treatments.