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Cori Beth Banning, Medical Assistant

Cori Beth Banning is a compassionate and hardworking individual who enjoys helping people. Communication skill is an essential quality of the medical assistant. They need to have the ability to build relationships with professionals, patients, and peers that help them develop a delicate balance of listening, understanding, and responding.   Cori Beth can read others’ body language and observe their emotions. She then employs her comprehension to reassure them, make them feel at ease in her company, and provide them with sound advice.

 Cori entered the medical field by enrolling in Tristate nursing school and completed her certified nursing assistant certification in 2013. She didn’t stop there and looked for more opportunities to expand her knowledge and skills. When she finally got ready to serve others using her abilities, she joined Atlantic Family Physicians in early 2018.

Cori Beth has been helping Atlantic Family Physicians patients since 2018. Her wisdom and power to asses and analyze what a patient is going through has helped our health facility to provide the best health solutions to individuals. She has always been a support for both our organization and our patients. Cori’s hard work and passion have helped Atlantic Family Physicians to grow and expand in the practice.

Besides working, she also loves spending quality time with her daughter. She goes to the beach with her little one and helps her learn some things that the world has thought her. Since Cori enjoys gardening, working outdoors in her green house, and spending time with her family on the weekends. We can say Cori is a great healthcare worker, a loving mother, a much-needed friend, and a phenomenal co-worker.